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The Amerec Dream

Publicerat av Charisse Wierup


Today we kicked off our project to re-brand Amerec, the west-coast American steam bath specialists and sauna brand.

This project fits us perfectly because you’ll often find us discussing America here at the office, both from a Swedish perspective and from an American one - mine, that is being a Brooklyn-born native. It’s undoubtedly exciting for a Malmö- based agency to journey over the Atlantic to reinvent a brand with a quality product and a true American history. With years of combined experience in building new brands, this is our giant leap - reaching out to a global market, making our mark on the wellness industry overseas. We’ll be identifying with a whole new target group, optimising digital marketing and developing a completely new online experience for Amerec. We’ve drawn our inspiration from their roots in Seattle in order to create a truly distinctive spirit that embodies healthy living. Stay tuned for more …

Publicerat av Charisse Wierup

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 april 14, 2016

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